2017 marks a huge milestone in Sayle Oil's history: 70 Years of Service!

February 01, 2017 | 70th Anniversary

Sayle Oil Company is proud to announce its 70th year in business as your "1 Stop Shop for All Things Petroleum." In an industry and era where little is guaranteed, Sayle Oil has acheived 7 decades of continued innovation and growth.

Sayle Oil Company was started in 1947 in Charleston, Mississippi by Mr. Isaac E. Sayle as owner and General Manager. The focus of the company started with farm delivery and country stores. In the 1980s, Sayle Oil created its own line of convenience stores - Gas Mart. The wholesale department was also expanded to include bulk oil during this time. In the 1990s, Sayle added propane and Quick Lubes to its portfolio.

The company's current lines of business include Convenience stores, Propane, and distribution of fuel and lubricants. There are 11 convenience stores owned and operated by Sayle that are located throughout Mississippi. Sayle Oil also delivers to many locally owned convenience stores.

Sayle Oil's fuel and lubricants division has seen great growth over the past 70 years. The company has grown to 4 bulk locations to conveniently cover its fuel and lubricant customers. It can now cover an area of about 150 miles. Since the strategic alignment with Shell, Sayle Oil has stayed on the top of changing trends and markets. Through this partnership, Sayle Oil is the only major branded oil distributor in the city limits of Memphis, and even Shelby county. This gives the company greater oportunities and also provides another avenue to effectively cover its Tennessee and North Mississippi customers.

When asked about this great accomplishment, Kevin Sayle (VP of Sayle Propane, Sayle C-stores, and Sayle Transports) stated: "We at Sayle Oil want to thank all of our wonderful customers and dedicated, hardworking team members for helping make our company a leader in the petroleum industry. We are excited about what the future holds and look forward to another 70 years."

Through the past 70 years, the company has stood by its mission statement:
Sayle Oil Company, along with its strongest asset, its employees, is committed to providing the very best products and services to our valued customers.

Sayle Oil Company would like to thank their great customers and partners that have been with them through the last 70 years.

Check us out today at: www.sayleoil.com OR call us at: (800)844-8120.

2017 marks a huge milestone in Sayle Oil

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