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February 02, 2018 | News

For the transportation fleet sector, expenses are at an all-time high. Even though fuel, lubricants, and chemicals make up a small percentage of your overall cost of ownership, they can lead to larger savings than you might expect. Fleets across the country have begun saving millions of dollars by assessing their lubrication program and using the optimal lubricants to help extend maintenance intervals. This can improve service up-time, average miles per truck, tonnage per mile, and lead to longer equipment life. This means more money at the bottom line for most companies.

It's also a challenge for companies to keep up with the latest lubrication trends, like the transition to lower viscosity oils, new EPA regulations, updated OEM specs and drain optimization intervals. We work with your company on ensuring you are up to date on the newest standards so you are reaping the maximum benefits available.

So let's dive into what exactly a site assessment is and how one can help your company.

What is a Site Assessment?
Our site assessment program is specifically designed to ensure you are using the right oil, at the right time, every time, in the correct manner. By helping you to improve your lubricant and maintenance practice of your equipment and vehicles, significant benefits can be achieved, increasing productivity, limiting downtime, and ultimately providing you with a competitive advantage.

The core of our program is aimed at identifying best practices and areas of improvements for your current lubrication program. We help educate you on what you can do differently to get more value out of your lubrication practices. We also help ensure your lubrication practices are safe and within local and national regulations.

We start with the overall safety of the site and then follow the lubricant from the time it is deliver to your location to the time it is discarded as waste oil, and all the steps in-between. This focus on the entire process gives us insight to your total lubricant program.

Out site assessment revolves around 8 major areas:
1. Storage and Handling
2. Product Application
3. Standard Procedures
4. Training
5. Contamination Control
6. Oil Condition Monitoring
7. Reliability Assessment
8. Planning

These areas are important to a strong lubrication program. No one category is weighted more than the other. A well running lubrication program emphasizes all 8 areas equally to maintain quality and safety.

What are the Benefits of a Site Assessment?
- Confirmation that the right lubricant is used in each application
- Confirmation of all law and regulations are being followed
- Best practices and improvement opportunities identified
- Potential for improved component life and increased equipment reliability
- Potential for reduced maintenance costs

How Does a Site Assessment Work?
Prior to the Visit: Your Petroleum Consultant will work with you on the working of your particular site assessment (since not every site assessment is exactly the same). Notify your Petroleum Consultant of the necessary PPE and on-site safety training requirements. Confirm permission from necessary personnel for us to take pictures during the assessment. Schedule necessary personnel that need to be present during your site assessment.
During the Visit: Begin with a 30-mintute "kick off" meeting for your Petroleum Consultant to learn the wants and needs of key site personnel - managers, purchasing agents, mechanics, etc. After this, a knowledgeable escort(s) should walk through the entire facility with your Petroleum Consultant, often beginning with the lubricants storage room. The Petroleum Consultant will take pictures and notes, which will become a part of the output presentation.
After the Visit: Your Petroleum Consultant will present findings, ideally within 48 hours. Your company then takes the findings and recommendations and puts them in place. Additional follow-ups can be scheduled to ensure the recommendations are being correctly followed.

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Site Assessments
Site Assessments

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