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The most Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ ) people have for Sayle Oil Company are listed below. Thanks for visiting.

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• ( Q ) What products do you offer?

( A ) Sayle Oil offers bulk fuels, lubricants, propane and related products, including a complete line of Shell and Service Pro oils, lubricants, antifreeze, and coolants, available in any quantity needed (bulk, totes, drums, pails, and cases). We also provide storage and dispensing equipment.

• ( Q ) Why Become a Pennzoil Dealer?

( A ) Industry leading PCMO & HDEO products
National Programs & Promotions
Marketing Support
Business Development Funds
A proven system for success...

Contact Bobby Burns for more information

• ( Q ) Want to own your own business?

( A ) Become a Retail Dealer within our network. We are committed to providing our customers with the expertise and assistance necessary to maintain a competitive edge.

Please contact Kevin Sayle to discuss your specific Retail Opportunity and to obtain more detailed information about our programs.

• ( Q ) How do I complete Sayle's Employment Application online?

( A ) Completing an Employment Application with us is easier than ever with our new writable PDF (found on the Career's section of our webpage under About Us). Here are 5 simple steps to help get you that much closer to an exciting career opportunity with Sayle Oil and it's affiliated companies.

1. Download our writable 'Sayle Oil Employment Application' here

2. Save this file to your computer or another location where you can easily find it.

3. Complete all required fields of the application. Save again.

4. Email the completed application to Miss. Patsy Simmons: with the Subject line "Employment Application'.

5. If you are applying to a specific position that you have seen advertised, please reference the position. If not, please simply state that you are submitting an employment application for consideration for any upcoming opportunities that may be suitable to your skillset.

Should you have any issues with the application or the outlined process, please submit an inquiry to 'Careers' via the Contact section of our website.

• ( Q ) What are your business hours?

( A ) Our normal business hours for our Charleston home office are Monday thru Friday 7:00 am - 5:00 pm. You can call us toll-free at 1(800)844-8120. For a complete list of business hours for our Quick Lubes, Convenience Stores and Propane Service Centers, please visit our Locations Page.

• ( Q ) What Is A Site Assessment?

( A ) A Comprehensive Site Assessment will assist you in identifying Target Areas for Improvement by assessing current operations and offering Recommendations and Follow-Up Action (if needed). The Assessment will:

Identify existing site operations, methods and performance
Identify specific Improvement Goals and Target areas
Establish Best Practices (including health, safety & environmental issues)
Offer Recommendations and Follow-up Action Items (including Staff Training)
Provide Documentation of Site Assessment for follow-up, tracking & cost analysis

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