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• ( Q ) Why Do I Need A Site Assessment?

( A ) Aligning Improvement Goals with Best Practices include Lowering Your Overall Costs by:

Reduce downtime of critical circulating systems
Reduce maintenance costs: Leaks, disposal, oil analysis, handling & dispensing
Reduce energy use
Increase equipment reliability and/or production
Reduce equipment-ownership costs
Reduce lubricant costs by implementing oil analysis program

Selecting the right services and lubricants
Extending fluid life
Provide training for employees on storage & handling, oil analysis & filtration

• ( Q ) 8 Reasons to choose Sayle Oil Company

( A ) 8 Reasons you should choose Sayle Oil Company:

1) Account Managers (not just sales people) who will work with you for the best products to fit your particular needs

2) Our service is unmatched with on-time, every time delivery

3) Our tank monitors will keep you and us abreast of the tank levels insuring you never run out

4) 24/7 access means just that - you can contact us 24/7 every day of the year

5) Coverage - we have several warehouses and locations covering West TN, Northern MS, Eastern AR and Northwest AL

6) Competitive pricing combined with our extra value service & support

7) Since 1947 we have focused on the industry

8) We are experts who care about your business and want to help you to grow that business. We truly care!

• ( Q ) Where do I find MSDS & TDS Sheets?

( A ) Shell and Pennzoil MSDS sheets can be found here:

• ( Q ) What Can I Expect After the Site Assessment?

( A ) At Sayle Oil we believe that evaluating your current performance with Best Practice criteria is the optimal approach to attain quantifiable results. The final site assessment document will include:

Final Site Assessment results
Baseline performance measure indicators

Identify specific Goals for Improvement
Offer specific recommendations and target items to achieve Improvement Goals
Assist with timeline to prioritize and accomplish Improvement Goals
Assist in implementing recommendations, tracking progress and cost analysis
Identify potential opportunities for revenue enhancement

• ( Q ) Do you have lubricants?

( A ) Sayle Oil Company is contracted at the highest level with Shell Lubricants. We are the only Alliance Distributor of Shell products located in the Mid-South. You can trust in the fact that we are committed to supplying and delivering a quality brand. Making sure that the integrity of the brand is protected, we are required to follow strict Shell DPQA handling procedures. Pails, drums and bulk lubricant products are managed from packaging to loading and off loading and require specific policies and procedures are strictly regulated.
We deliver within our assigned SOPUS market to states including Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, Missouri and Alabama.

Full line distributor of conventional synthetic, synthetic blend lubricants in Industrial, Commercial (Rotella) and Automotive (Formula Shell) sectors. Chemicals Coolants and additives in Automotive, Industrial, Commercial applications. Automotive Engine, Oil & Air Filters.

• ( Q ) Does Sayle Oil have lube centers?

( A ) Sayle Oil opened their first company owned store in 1994. Now operating 9 Shell Rapid Lubes and 3 Dipstix. All offer quick, dependable, and "no hassle" 15-point Full Service oil changes. Technicians are certified through AOCA. All offer major branded products such as Rain-X wiper blades. All accept major credit cards including Fuelman. Shell Rapid Lubes offer a Ladies Day discount of $3.00 every Wednesday.

Unique to this division is the Charleston Tire and Service Center. Not only is a full time mechanic on duty, we also have 2 fuel islands with all 3 grades featuring non-ethanol fuel. We also have diesel and kerosene islands.

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