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• ( Q ) Does Sayle Oil offer propane?

( A ) Sayle Propane provides consumer propane services to more than 7,000 people just like you, including: propane home heating, propane water heating, and propane for drying clothes. Sayle also offers propane to businesses for lift truck fuel and industrial heating; and to agriculture accounts for grain dryers and well motors. We also fill grill cylinders and recreational vehicle tanks at every location. If it runs on propane, we can supply it! Call your local Sayle Propane office today and ask how we can be of service to you!

We serve 14 counties in Mississippi including Tate, Marshall, and Desoto. We pride our self of friendly hometown service and low competitive prices.
Offering complete home installations, first year free tank rental, and free estimates!

Propane for your mowers
Whether lawn care companies, cities, counties, colleges, schools, golf courses, RV parks, military installations---anyone that cuts a lot of grass we offer propane conversion kits along with installation services. Why not convert your mowers to propane, save money and support Go Green efforts?

• ( Q ) What if I smell, hear or see a gas leak?

( A ) 1.Get away from the cylinder.
2.Do nothing that could ignite the escaping gas.
3.Using a neighbor's phone, call your Sayle Oil propane service center and the fire department.

• ( Q ) How does Sayle Oil transport their products?

( A ) At Sayle Oil Company, we take pride in delivering quality products to our valued customers. Sayle Transport utilizes nine transport tanker trucks to deliver fuel to your location day or night six days a week. Our drivers are experienced, safety concious, and certified to load at all Memphis, West Memphis, Greenville, Aberdeen, Vicksburg, and some Meridian fuel facilities. Having this capability helps to eliminate outages at our customers locations. Our goal of offering great customer service begins with our dispatcher who is located at our home office in Charleston, Mississippi. He strives to get our current customers the right product at the right price as quickly and safely as possible.

For fuel or more information about fuel deliveries contact:
George Coates
(800)844-8120 x241

• ( Q ) Where are you located?

( A ) Sayle Oil is located at 410 West Main Street, Charleston, MS 38921. We have many service locations, C-Stores and quick lubes across the Mid-South. Please see our Locations page for more details and directions.

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