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Meet Our Family: Cody Dennis

Cody Dennis

Petroleum Consultant
Jackson, TN
2 years of service

Cody is one of our newest additions to the team. Cody primarily serves the West Tennessee area with an emphasis in the transportation sector. Cody’s dedication to the Sayle Oil brand, awesome customer service, and always positive attitude have made him a great asset to the Sayle team.

What is your favorite sector of business?
I enjoy the transport & industry sector in the petroleum market.

What is your favorite product?
Shell Rotella. Not only does it meet most current specifications, it truly helps customers with overall cost of ownership.

What is your favorite thing about Sayle Oil Company?
The great people of this company paired with a great product creates a great recipe for success.

What is a fun fact about yourself?
I enjoy doing anything outdoors when I have downtime including hunting, fishing, and boating.

What does customer service mean to you?
Treating customers with a friendly, helpful attitude all while helping them make the best choice possible to satisfy their business’s needs.