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Meet Our Family: Jerry Graham

Jerry Graham

Petroleum Consultant
Lynchburg, MS
24 years of service

Jerry is one of our most senior Petroleum Consultant within the team. Jerry primarily serves the Memphis, North Mississippi, and East Arkansas areas with an emphasis in the industrial sector. Jerry’s dedication to the Sayle Oil brand, awesome customer service, and almost unlimited product knowledge have made him a great asset to the Sayle Oil family.

What is your favorite sector of business?
I enjoy the complexity and challenge of he industrial sector.

What is your favorite product?
My favorite products are the numerous hydraulic fluids and gear oils we provide.

What is your favorite thing about Sayle Oil Company?
Sayle Oil Company has stood by me throughout by 24 years of employment.

What is a fun fact about yourself?
I love watching the Tennessee Volunteers and Titans play football. I also enjoy to play golf and hangout with family and friends.

What does customer service mean to you?
To me, customer service means being able to deliver on promises I have made to the customer. I answer calls from customers seven days a week and pride myself in being able to help customers with all types of technical trouble.