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Sayle Oil Acquires Panther Petroleum

Sayle Oil, headquarter in Charleston, MS, has been marketing oils, lubricants, and related products to mid-south customers since 1947. The company is a total solutions petroleum provider, specializing in fuels and lubricants for consumers and industries, as well as delivering optimal service through its quick lubes, and convenience store chains.

Jimmie Stennett COO/VP (aka Isaac W. Sayle son-in-law), told JobbersWorld, “We have been working on this acquisition for months, and getting to know Darrin Ward, CEO of Panther Petroleum and Starfire Premium Lubricants and his team has been a pleasure. Jason Glancy and Kevin Dye are very energetic and their team’s moral is awesome! The Sayle Oil family is excited to add more products to our current listing as well as merge operations with Panther’s experienced team.”

Darrin Ward, CEO of Panther Petroleum and Starfire Premium Lubricants states “After all the hard work we put in to get Panther Petroleum to the level it is today, it was difficult to say goodbye.  But, while we have sold the business, I am pleased to say we have also gained a valued partner in the process. Sayle will continue as a STARFIRE distributor and for us, that was the most important part of this transaction.” Ward continues, “We were looking for a partner, not just a buyer.  Jimmie Stennett and his team fit that model perfectly and the STARFIRE team will now work directly to help Sayle Oil grow its customer base.”

According to Ward, the STARFIRE brand of products has seen significant growth since its inception in 2010.  The depth of the brand is its main asset as the product range is vast.   Products including lubricants (both PCMO and Heavy Duty), antifreeze, grease, chemicals and the newly created STARFIRE EX industrial line give the brand the ability for a one stop shop feel for any customer or distributor. “By adding Sayle Oil as a STARFIRE distributor, the overall growth of STARFIRE in the Mid-South region will see significant growth,” says Ward.

About Sayle Oil

Sayle Oil Company began in 1947 in Charleston, MS, with Isaac E. Sayle as owner and General Manager. His son, Isaac W. Sayle, is now the current owner. In the 1950’s and 60’s, farm deliveries and country stores were the primary focus. By the 1970’s Co-Signee accounts were further developed and became the forerunner of the convenience store industry. In the 1980’s, Gas Mart stores where conceived and continued grow to 42 locations. Sayle Oil recently sold their Convenient stores and plan to expand all other divisions. In the late ‘80’s, the Wholesale department expanded to include bulk lubricants in addition to its fuel supply and now distributes to the entire state of Mississippi, West Tennessee, Eastern Arkansas and NW Alabama. The Propane and Quick Lubes divisions were added in the 1990’s and continue to add locations throughout north Mississippi.

About Panther Petroleum

Panther Petroleum is a one stop supplier of lubricants, motor oils, antifreeze/coolants, refrigerants, chemicals and other related products. Panther Petroleum has been serving the greater Tennessee region since 1996. The company was purchased in April, 2011 by national wholesale distributor Coolants Plus, Inc. and offers an expanded product range, supported by the buying power of one of the largest wholesale distributors in the market.

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