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Meet Our Family: Keasler Meeks

Keasler Meeks

Petroleum Consultant
Greenwood, MS
12 years of service

Keasler is an integral part of our Petroleum Consultant team. Keasler primarily serves the Mississippi Delta and East Arkansas areas with an emphasis on the agriculture industry. Keasler’s dedication to the Sayle Oil brand, awesome customer service, and high energy work ethic have made him a great asset to the Sayle Oil team.

What is your favorite sector of business?
I enjoy the transport sector the best. This includes my specialty – farming.

What is your favorite product?
Shell Rotella. Not only does it meet most current specifications, it truly helps customers with overall cost of ownership.

What is your favorite thing about Sayle Oil Company?
I like that Sayle Oil Company is family owned and operated. That makes a huge difference to our customers.

What is a fun fact about yourself?
I enjoy farming, hunting, and playing golf during my downtime.

What does customer service mean to you?
To me, customer service means delivering our products that a customer orders in a timely fashion. I enjoy working with all of my customers and I want them to have a great experience with us.