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Sayle Oil Adds Total Products to Portfolio

Sayle Oil Company is proud to announce our recent partnership with Total Lubricants.

Since 1947, Sayle Oil has been committed to offering the very best products to our customers. We continue that commitment by adding the Total line of food grade and metalworking fluids.

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, TOTAL Specialties USA operates through a number of business lines representative of the TOTAL Group (the fifth largest integrated energy company in the world). The business lines include: Additives, Aviation Fuels, Marine Fuels, Special Fluids and Lubricants.

In the United States, Total employs over 7,000 employees in 16 different companies. TOTAL Specialties USA has important research and development, manufacturing, distribution and logistics operations across the country. The company produces and markets specialty products, solvents, fluids, lubricants and fuels to a number of businesses throughout the United States.

Food Grade:
Guaranteeing food safety to consumers is paramount for today’s food and beverage processors. With that in mind, Total has developed NEVASTANE, a full range of NSF H1-registered lubricants designed for use when incidental contact with food is possible.

Using these products instead of traditional products allows you to avoid serious consequences for both the consumer and your brand image. The best machine designs can’t always rule out incidental contamination of food by lubricants from leakage, drip, spatter, or even mistakes.

The TOTAL NEVSTANE product lines includes:
– Hydraulic oils
– Bearing and compressor oils
– Gear oils
– Greases
– White oils and vasolines
– Aerosols
– Specialty products
– Any much more…

Available in:
– Sprays and aerosols
– Cartridges
– Pails
– Kegs
– Drums
– Totes

Metal Working:
Total Lubricants offers a full range of oils for all your metalworking applications to optimize machining performance and prolong the service life of your tools. Their innovative high-performance range, which is renowned throughout the world, helps to improve your productivity and customer satisfaction

The Total metalworking product line includes:
– Neat cutting oils
– Water based butting fluids
– Metal forming oils
– Quenching oils
– Rust preventative and penetrating oils
– Specialty products

About Total Lubricants:
As the fourth largest publicly-traded integrated oil and gas company in the world and a major player in he chemicals business, Total has operations in more than 130 countries and 100,000 employees committed to better energy. Total engages in all aspects of the petroleum industry including upstream operations and downstream operations. Total also produces base chemicals and specialty chemicals for the industrial and consumer markets. With more than $1 billion dedicated to Research & Development, Total is helping to secure the future of energy by progressively expanding its energy offerings and developing complementary next generation energy activities.

About Sayle Oil Company:
For over 70 years, Sayle Oil Company has been the leading distributor of lubricants, fuels, and propane in the mid-South. We offer a vast range of products in a multitude of applications including agriculture, industrial, transport, and consumer. Sayle Oil has the capabilities and resources to service your company – from product delivery to equipment inspection and oil analysis – as well as everything in between. This full spectrum of products and services makes us your ONE STOP SHOP for all things petroleum.