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Sayle Oil Recognized as Master Certified Distributor

Sayle Oil was recently recognized by Shell Lubricants as a Master Certified Distributor. This designation signifies Sayle Oil’s loyalty to the Shell brand and the relationship the two companies share. It is more than just a title. This new designation comes after years of growing in our target markets. Because we are the only Master Certified Shell distributor in our area, we can better serve our customers and continue to stay on top of the dynamics in the transportation industry.

So, what does “Master Certified” really mean? Well let’s jump right in.

With the Master Certification Program, Shell is making an incremental investment in distributors who have the required expertise and capability, and make the commitment to focus on Shell brands in one or more lines of business (Consumer, Transport, and Industrial).
This category creates an opportunity for distributors to get enhanced business development support and other rewards by committing to a stronger Shell brand relationship and deeper alliance within the business sector(s). This designation helps Sayle Oil company better serve our customer in 3 main ways:
– More business and marketing support
– Maintained quality of our warehouse sites and product
– More in-depth training

Features and Benefits:
– Business Development Manager support – helps distributors plan efficiently to achieve and maintain ongoing, sustainable growth
– Upgraded marketing support – helps distributors better market their products in the area they serve
– Quality of our warehouse sites and products – audits are held periodically to ensure the quality of lubricants and the warehouses they are stored
– Increased training – access to more training ensures our sales reps will be well versed on the products we sell

Process of Becoming Master Certified:
– Complete an audit of all warehouse locations with a Shell lubricants representative
– Provided data about what bulk products we currently stock, the storage tanks we currently use, and the capacity of each tank
– Provide data about the personnel and the training they have received in the last 12 months

– Full time, dedicated Sales Manager for the transport sector
– Full time, dedicated Sales Representative for the transport sector
– Must execute on Shell programs, promotions, and achieve target sign-up and activation of programs within the Transport line of business.
– Volume requirements to make sure you are making use of the heightened relationship
– Master Certification Program Training to help our employees become more knowledgeable about the products we sell

All-in-all, Shell’s “Master Certification” designation in the transport industry means a lot to Sayle Oil Company. This heightened relationship will not only help Sayle Oil Company, but also the customers its serves. From the increase marketing and sales support, to the increase training, and to the increased program requirements, Sayle Oil Company looks to use this new title to help them continue to grow in 2018.

About Sayle Oil Company:
For over 70 years, Sayle Oil Company has been the leading distributor of lubricants, fuels, and propane in the mid-South. We offer a vast range of products in a multitude of applications including agriculture, industrial, transport, and consumer. Sayle Oil has the capabilities and resources to service your company – from product delivery to equipment inspection and oil analysis – as well as everything in between. This full spectrum of products and services makes us your ONE STOP SHOP for all things petroleum.