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Sayle Propane “Budget Pay”

Sayle Propane’s Budget Pay program spreads your annual propane heating costs over 11 months. Budget pay gives you peace of mind knowing exactly what your propane payment will be throughout the year.

The program has several benefits for your family:
– Pay your total propane costs in 11 payments
– Your propane level stays full throughout winter months
– Tank rent included in monthly payments
– No finance charge or late fees

Terms and conditions of this program includes:
– Deliveries will be made on a regular route schedule
– Account must have a zero balance to enroll
– First monthly payment must be paid when signing the contract
– Failure to make timely payments will result in the full balance being due immediately

Current customers should expect to receive a flyer in the mail detailing the program and how to sign up.

Future customers can contact their local propane location to get more information.

photo of worker filling propane tank